Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Belatedly from the lame Les Semaines July 13, 2008: Third Week of Clarion West 2008

This week's instructor was Cory Doctorow. He added a lot to the foundation that Paul Park and Mary Rosenblum gave the students. Like them, Cory has energy and intensity, but all three of them have a different kind of energy and intensity.

This week has been insanely busy. Exhaustion casts a haze over the week. I recall flashes of things:

* Bringing two of the students home for the afternoon to visit the cats
* Being impressed at the level of the stories and critiques, and of course what Cory added
* Cory's wonderful reading (left us wanting more!)
* The class weathering a rough week pretty darn well
* Driving Cory back to the house after his party and being shocked at the extent of his upcoming travel
* Then hitting the car alarm as he got out of the car
* Watching the setting sun hitting the downtown buildings from the viewpoint at Cory's party (at Marci's)
* Being so exhausted for a day that I pretty much drugged myself with fiction
* Following the students' pattern of sleeping when I should be awake and
* being awake when I should be asleep
* Picking raspberries and blackcurrants and lavender

Again, for listening, reading, and writing updates, check Les Semaines

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