Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Live From the Front

...or literally the back--the back of the class, that is.

I type these words from the admin table at the back of the Clarion West classroom. I have a great view of the students and of Connie Willis' back, and today have had the benefit of hearing her talk about foreshadowing. She has given some amazing lectures about plot this week, all clear, concrete, immediately useful. It's a week full of things to put in your writer's toolbox.

And it's Connie, so it's smart, funny, point on.

Coming from the literary world, where plot is the last thing most young writers want to think about but after years of reading knowing how well the best stories use or break these techniques, I love this.

It's also fun listening to the class as they go around the circle, critiquing stories--they're smart and articulate, even during this, the fourth week, where exhaustion seem to take its deepest toll. They're weathering this exceptionally well. It's especially fun that several of them are trying humour while Connie's here, to get the benefit of this side of her expertise.

I feel exceptionally, sappily, lucky to be here.

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