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16 August 2008 @ 09:10 am
A Meme A Meme By Gods A Meme!  
The 20 Books from 20 Years meme. Bold if you've read (all of) them, italicise if you've started but not finished (inc some but not all of a series) and strikethrough if you hated them.

The Culture Novels, Iain M Banks (starting 1987)
The Hyperion Cantos, Dan Simmons (starting 1989)
Grass, Sherri S Tepper (1989)
The Aleutian Trilogy, Gwyneth Jones (starting 1991)
The Mars Trilogy, Kim Stanley Robinson (starting 1992)
Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson (1992)
The Flower Cities sequence, Kathleen Ann Goonan (starting 1994)
Fairyland, Paul McAuley (1996)
Diaspora, Greg Egan (1997)
Revelation Space, Alastair Reynolds (2000)
The Arabesks, Jon Courtenay Grimwood (starting 2000)
Light, M John Harrison (2002)
Stories of Your Life and Others, Ted Chiang (2002)
Evolution, Stephen Baxter (2003)
Pattern Recognition, William Gibson (2003)
Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell (2004)
Air, Geoff Ryman (2004)
River of Gods, Ian McDonald (2004)
Accelerando, Charles Stross (2005)
Spin, Robert Charles Wilson (2005)

So I've read about half. Not bad for someone who mainly reads fantasy. I own a couple of the others, but they're languishing on my to-be-read shelves.
Debbie Daugheteedls3001 on August 18th, 2008 04:07 pm (UTC)
I've only read two of the, but I loved them both. Grass and Air. Hm... I sense a theme here.

Oh, wait, I also read Spin. Though it was a little technical for my usual reading, I still really enjoyed it.

Of course Paul has probably read more than half. He's a reading machine.

Sorry to miss you at Denvention. You were there in spirit though, whether you wanted to be or not. Bhahahahahahahah