Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines October 26, 2009: Catch Up: Or Where I've Been These Long Months

Thanks, everyone, for the responses to my birthday whine. Pitiful, I know, but the messages really cheered me up.

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that I haven't really updated since since August. Shocked because I've managed to put off the guilt every single Sunday. In all fairness, I have been busy, but who isn't and when aren't they, and all that. And other people update. So. Here's a quick catch up.

August was visitors month. The Graham & Gurley B & B was quite busy. I had only three or four days after Clarion West ended to pretend to catch up on sleep.

First our friend John Barton visited, and a good thing he did, too, because he's off to spend a year as Writer in Residence at the Saskatoon Public Library, which means no further visits until he returns to B.C. next summer.

Then Devin's sister Breanne visited to help Devin celebrate her 30th birthday. This also included a party at Golden Gardens beach, featuring a glorious sunset. Unfortunately our attempt to get Breanne to move here as Devin did were foiled (despite the sunset) by the fact that she was in the process of buying her first house back east. So much for our evil plots.

Then I did some frantic cleaning for Mom's visit. For some reason it really matters to me that I have the silver polished and the house as clean as I can manage in the time given. It's not that Mom criticizes, because she knows there are many things more important to me than having a clean house, but she does notice. Anyway, we had a lovely visit even if we did do a lot of shopping.

Then we had a three-day span with no visitors in town. I'm not sure what I did. Probably slept. Then nephew Mark arrived and we promptly had an extremely lazy time. It was fun.

So September and back to work. I started my usual way, feeling like I had plenty of time to clean out my office and catch up and suddenly I had the shocked realization that the students were arriving and I needed to get ready and do all the beginning of the academic year stuff fast. There's a lot going on with my programs this fall (special events and a program review) that have kept me very, very busy there.

At the same time I was writing my final report for my Canada Council grant, which for some reason made me very anxious. I also spent a lot of time working on the project, as though revisions would make a difference at that point. In any case, I did think about the amazing time having the grant had been. I know I haven't written much about it here, but a lot has been going on with it in my noggin. Maybe I'll make a post about it, because it was a fascinating process.

The project still isn't finished, but I made a wonderful, solid start. First I want to complete some other projects that have been hanging about a while.

October, well, I turned 50 and got a little bothered by it, much to my surprise as no other birthday has ever been more than an excuse to celebrate. I guess it's a lot to do with all those projects that are uncompleted. Wrestling with whether or not I should continue sending the first novel out or entirely re-think it, or just put it in a drawer and get the second one out there hasn't helped. I've been spending way too much brain power on that recently.

And really, now that I'm 50, do I have that much brain power to spare? You've got to wonder. Especially as I've spent the last week rather sub sub par, fighting the good fight against some rogue virus.


As always, for my listening, reading, and writing news, see Les Semaines.

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