Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines November 2, 2008: October is Over

So, I didn't go to the World Fantasy Convention after all. Yeah. I go nearly every year. I have friends in Calgary. And I still didn't go--things have just been so busy I know I would have collapsed had I gone.

Instead I went to hear Charles de Lint read and perform at Hugo House. It was delightful to see (and hear and briefly talk to) him again. He's someone I admire greatly, for this artistry and spirit.

Also got to see Caren and Maggie and Christopher, from last summer's Clarion West class. I would have seen more of them had I not spent last weekend feeling ill.

I fussed over a big public lecture at work on Tuesday night. We had invited someone from the University of Geneva to speak on urban design and public health, with a reception afterwards. Didn't get home until 10:30 that night but it was worth it--I think it went well. Now I only have one more big event to get through for work this quarter.

Had an annoying doctor's visit on Wednesday morning, with various tests and promise of tests. I'm at that age. Sigh. My arm still aches from the tetanus booster and I should probably go to a sleep clinic. Do Not Want.

So Thursday when I should have been on a plane for Calgary instead I was (finally!) assembling the poetry manuscript about travelling Scotland. This isn't the Canada Council one, but the one previous to that. The Walk She Takes: An Idiosyncratic Tour of Scotland. I wrote the first poem for it in 1992, when I took my first trip there, and I wrote my last poems for it (I trust) on Thursday. Yes, that's how I work. I have trouble finishing things and when I do, I do. It's done. (I'm reserving the right to tinker with it later, of course, though.)

So now I am organizing its future travels across editors' desks, etc.

Long past time to get this one out there, but as usual I kept thinking I had a ton of work to do on it and I didn't want to miss anything.

But it fell together pretty naturally (many thanks to Jim).

It's out the door once and twice soon.


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