Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines December 8 [posted late]: My Brilliance

So I wrote what I thought was a rather good response to a discussion about the value (or not) of negative reviews. However the women poets list I'm on didn't think so, as it received a reverberating silence (wait, did I use the wrong fork?). You think I'm brilliant, don't you? Here's what I said:

My problem with a lot of negative reviews is that, well, here's a quick way of putting it. The reviewer loves sushi. They think sushi is really the only good kind of writing; however, this book is a curry book! Look at the mix of spices! And it's Hot! It's *horrible* writing. They do the wrong things with rice, it's physical temperature is not cool, the spice-heat in it has nothing to do with wasabi, and where, where, is the fish?

Most negative reviews I come across are like that--instead of seeing that something is a curry and saying why and how it's a good or bad curry the reviewer says how it's bad sushi. It's annoying.

Especially as I believe there's room for a lot of different writing cuisines out there.

Well, aren't I clever? Huh?

Of course, I am in a revisioning and getting over flu stupor, so I'm probably kidding myself. Also I haven't been eating enough protein. Also, I have been reading too much fafblog for anyone's mental health. Far too rich a diet for someone recovering from flu, however mild.

Please note that I am a great fan of sushi and of curries. Some of my best friends are sushi and curry, though not together.

Jim has now gone out foraging.


For my listening, reading, and writing adventures, and to see word I wrote down that eventually became a published poem, see Les Semaines.
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