Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines January 4: Hello, January

It's SNOWING AGAIN. This time more like the snow we usually get: big fat wet flakes. We already have about three inches. Sigh. It's gorgeous, but it's supposed to turn to rain at some point. I hope it rains away before we have to go to work tomorrow morning. I hate snowy commutes, and neither of us can miss tomorrow. Me because it's the beginning of a new quarter of classes, and Jim because he's been off since December 16th.

Went to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It wasn't as quiet as I might have thought. Got a lot done, but didn't feel very motivated. I hate how I look forward to a lull like this to catch up and then lose all energy for it. I never get done what I hope I will. But so it goes, right? There were so few people there, though, that it was kind of fun, and Jan and I dared to have coffee out at the Allegro one day. Though we spent the whole time talking about work, we felt wicked.

Had a very quiet New Year's Eve. On Friday we celebrated our family Christmas with Tamar and Devin. We had a lovely dinner, exchanged gifts. It was fun--I coerced them into playing Mah Jong with me. I love my old crazy bamboo and ivory set. I like how the tiles feel, their smoothness and weight, and how they sound, and I like the game, though I don't know how to score, and don't care much really, though I know other people do.

Ever since this incident nearly seven years ago (!!), Sophia has been terrified of the cat toy, da bird. I brought it out about a year ago to see if the kittens would like it, and Sophia took one look at it, and ran downstairs and hid under the bed.

Just on the off-chance, I brought it out again this afternoon, and Sophia jumped up. I thought to run away, but no, to *play with it*. This is the first time she has gotten enthusiastic about an interactive toy (she's played with furry mince and catnip toys on her own) since we got the kittens. I bounced it around and she would leap in front of them to grab it. It wasn't easy to keep it away from from Atia, who would carry it away if I let her. Titus even got into it for a while, but mostly I let Sophia play, because it has been so long for her.

I have photographic evidence, but the card reader on my printer has died and my Dad never gave me the USB cord for the camera so I have no way to get at the pictures. Damn. I see a trip to the camera shop in my future.

For this week's listening, reading, and writing adventures, and a glimpse into my August 1995 journal, see Les Semaines.

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