Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines January 25: Belated

Wow, wasn't last Tuesday amazing? I doubt the world has ever been more grateful for the start of a new leader's era since the end of the Second World War. They kindly set up a place to watch it all at work, and I stayed to almost the end. Got to hear Aretha, which was lovely, and of course I couldn't resist singing along for a bit with the real words, which are "God Save The Queen."

Listened to the poem, which despite all the online quibbling I thought was quite good for the time and place (though I don't envy her having to read after Obama).

Obama's speech was everything I could have wished for, including a quiet repudiation of Bush's tenure and a call to the nation. I was quite emotional about it, but I had to leave during the national anthem, because I'm Canadian after all.

Though Obama is pretty centrist, I still think he's farther left than the current Canadian Prime Minister. This might be a first.

And some of the hopes are already coming true. He's not resting on his laurels. If only he could do something about the deep uneasiness so many are dealing with with the economy. Most people have taken some kinds of hits, from actually being laid off to the whole range of smaller hits. The evidence is everywhere of cuts and threats of greater cuts and the threat of the death of a million cuts.

In the meantime we've had a few gorgeous sunny days breaking into the January grayness, bright sharp January light.

And a touch of snow.

I feel like I should have more profound things to say on all levels, from the political to the personal, but really I'm watching things from A - Z, trying to get the Real Work and the surreal work done. Trying to make sense of things as I always do, trying to keep up, trying not to get lost, trying to accomplish something, trying to keep my head about water, trying to keep the pulses racing. Trying not to run out of meaningful words.

* * *

For my listening, reading, and writing news, and section from my January 1996 journal, see Les Semaines.

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