January 1st, 2009

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First line of the month meme

[This is an odd retrospective.]

A strange, sometimes difficult sometimes wonderful year.

When I was young and restless I couldn't understand why my parents spent most of their evenings alone together at home.

1. What bill do you hate paying the most?

Sorry to have been gone so long and to leave a message that sounded like things weren't going well, and then only answer one of those question lists.

So, you might think, after basically disappearing for three months, that I would be coming back to tell you that I have written five novels, 55 poems, entirely caught up with my email, and saved the world.

Mary Rosenblum was a terrific instructor to follow Paul Park.

It's amazing how quickly time passes during the workshop and in the haze of exhaustion afterwards as well.

[Yikes, not a single entry in September.]

This is what I turned today, and for the first birthday ever I have a touch of the blues.

So, I didn't go to the World Fantasy Convention after all.

So I wrote what I thought was a rather good response to a discussion about the value (or not) of negative reviews.
scotland, ivy

(no subject)

A busy year, mostly writing. Far steadier than last year as far as good/bad things go; though friends had difficult years, ours was a definite improvement on 2007.

My 2008:

  • I actually completed some writing projects (see details)

  • completed the Canada Council grant

  • friends and family put up with my whining about turning 50

  • new writing laptop

  • Jim and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a lovely writing retreat at La Push that was a definite highlight to our year

  • visited Chicago for the first time

  • helped run my eight Clarion West workshop and it was a great one

  • survived Seattle's snowcopalypse quite well, though I did really miss my parents' usual trip to visit us over Christmas

  • Sophia decided that Atia is okay and Titus is tolerable

For my favourite listens, reads, and details of my writing accomplishments, see Les Semaines.