January 1st, 2010

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Les Semaines December 31, 2009: Wrap It Up!

[Posted just before midnight at Les Semaines.]

So, we're well beyond thanks and Xmas and leaning toward the New Year. Again, weeks slipped by on me. I have very little of account to say for myself, sorry. We had a good Thanksgiving and Xmas made me very grateful for family, my parents and our nephew, Mark. I'm looking forward to more family tomorrow.

It's approaching midnight, so now I'm thinking about the year that is almost past in its arbitrary 365 days way.

This is the year that was. We got through it. It wasn't the worst year ever, though losing Jim's father was hard. We're still married, employed, financially solvent, mostly healthy. Not so very many of our friends are in the same situation, so we feel very lucky.

We still have dreams and we're still working toward them and hoping for more luck to help them come true.

May your coming year be healthy, prosperous, full of love, friends, and dreams come true.

That's about all there is to say.


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