November 3rd, 2019

scotland, ivy

Belated 2018 Summary

2018 was a complicated year, but poem publications made up for a lot:

scotland, ivy

New Book News

I am thrilled to announce that The Walk She Takes, my poetry collection about traveling in Scotland and into my own middle age has just appeared.

The Walk She Takes (MoonPath Press, 2019) is an idiosyncratic tour of Scotland, where a mile's walk contains remnants from the Stone Age through to the present, all in fragments of standing stones, cairns, souterrains, brochs, abbeys, castles, tenements, and crofts. These poems explore how the layers of time in these evocative sites reverberate through our own journeys. They delve into how even dark histories sharpen connections with places—and deepen knowledge of what our past makes us, helps us see how to travel forward into alien and familiar biographical and natural geographies.

Copies are now available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound. Signed copies can be arranged via email.

For links to sample poems, see my website.

This is my first new collection in 19 years. I am wildly happy.