Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines April 5, 2009: And Taxes

My father-in-law is dying.

On Monday, Jim phoned to talk with him about his upcoming visit, booked for this Saturday. He was awake and aware and looking forward to the visit. Just a few hours later, Jim's sister phoned to say that he'd taken a sudden and drastic turn for the worst. Now, several days later, it's clear that he had a massive stroke which set up continuing seizures. He hasn't regained consciousness and the seizures only stop under powerful medication. So it's clear that it's only a matter of days now.

Jim left as scheduled and has visited him in hospital, but what was supposed to be a visit has become a vigil.

I'm sad, because I held him in a lot of affection, but the worst is watching Jim's and Devin's grief.

I didn't go with him--I wasn't scheduled to, and Devin flew over to be with her Dad, Jim's brother, and Mark and his son are also there. I feel as though in some ways I should have gone to be there for Jim, but he has them and his other siblings. I will go there for the memorial, whenever that is.

Meanwhile the weather has turned gorgeous and I'm inside doing taxes which makes my brain hurt. I want to have them done and ready as quickly as I can in case we schedule a trip back to North Carolina quickly. I put them off as long as I can each year because the combination of the Canadian and U.S. ones with my writing income is so complicated. I don't use a tax program because of that. Or I could use one for the U.S. ones, but I wouldn't know where to start with the Canadian ones. So each year I do them by hand and break my brains.

In some ways right now it's a great distraction.


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