Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines entry for October 28, 2007

Weeks like this are hard to write about, as really not much happened. I worked. I slept (having trouble sticking to the eight hours a night thing already, but at least if it's a serious target I get closer than I otherwise might).

The weather, though mixed, had some lovely sunny spells this week, and the colours this autumn are really spectacular. This is the view outside our living room window:

Sun coming through the multi-coloured leaves of our smoke bush/tree.

The picture doesn't do it justice at all, even with the new lovely camera my father loaned us when we visited Victoria, but the light coming through there is amazing. It makes me think long and hard about the effects of beauty on the spirit. There are things I do all day long as a pick-me-up, one of which is looking at clouds. Another is whenever I go to the bathroom at work taking a long look at the view from there (trees, buildings and bridges mostly). Watching the cats move, sleep, and play. Keeping an eye on the trees as they don't seem to change from day to day but do.

Poor Sophia was so freaked out by our trip to Victoria. I had asked a friend of ours who is very cat-experienced to try to pill her, but being cornered, picked up, and pilled by someone she doesn't know well Freaked Sophie Out. She peed on several things in one corner of the living room and was totally wired when we got home. She's still calming down, but the one good thing it did was make her appreciate us better. She was quite clingy for a while (for her), and even let the kittens sleep near her so she could be near me.

It wore off this morning, though, when I decided to catch her (she'd been sleeping at my feet) to pill her then give them breakfast (the kittens had been agitating for breakfast for quite a while, Atia running over the loveseat and launching herself from there to the floor, passing inches in front of my face--lots of dashing hither and yon). Anyway, much to Sophia's disgust, I grabbed her before she'd gotten very far (my feet moving is usually enough to launch her, but I caught her). Held her a little and tried to calm her. She waited a moment, then nearly struggled away, so I went into the kitchen, grabbed the pills, and she bit me. Not as hard as she could have, but drew blood. Then I pilled her, and Jim came upstairs and fed the kittens as I fed Sophie. She wouldn't eat until Jim went over and petted her. She Does Not Love Me today.

Poor girl. We had already decided it was better when Jim pilled her. I should have stuck to that.

I also had an adventure in stupidity this week. I was going to visit a friend in an area of town I don't know well at all. I mapquested it and she gave me rough directions, which differed from the mapquest directions, so I tried to blend them, missed a couple of turns, and wound up way farther south than I should have and stuck in rainy rush-hour traffic. It was ugly. I'm so lucky that my life doesn't include much rush-hour traffic. I felt a horrible sympathy for Jim. I also felt I was in one of those nightmares where you're trying to get somewhere and can't make any progress and whenever you do you meet another setback. This, as I had to drive around Boeing Field get back on the crawling Interstate. I took an exit, thinking I could manage to get myself in the right direction only to find myself crawling back on the Interstate. I finally made it, but was well over an hour late. Had a lovely dinner at an Ethiopian Cafe (Cafe Ixion, for anyone in the Columbia City neighbourhood, go, the food was great and the place was sadly nearly empty because of the light rail construction going on outside). Great seeing my friend again, who had left town for a few years and is back in Seattle.

Go to to see what I've been listening to, reading, writing and a selection from my (Jim's actually) journal of our 1994 trip to Scotland.
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