Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines October 11, 2009: Into October

Clear light. Changing leaves. Wind. October is one of my favourite months. Especially one like this, when the rainy part hasn't quite hit yet and there's lots of sun and gorgeous sunsets. It's cool but not cold.

Events of note: I have now been in this (evolving) job for twenty years. That's *20* years, folks! I started it, half-time, running one certificate program, twenty years ago. Now I have two plus a doctoral program and I'm at 64.5% time (25 hours a week). I'm still a little astonished about it--my record before this was, I think, 16 *months* in one job. Second event: birthday. Which was fun. I have some fine friends. Third event: see novel news below.

If only I could kick this *warning: danger ahead* high-anxiety mode I've been in. I just get myself calmed down and something will happen to put my brain on *alert* mode again and I've got to talk myself down, which isn't so easy. If it weren't for this, life would be sweet. I finally finished paring the novel down. I've been working on poems. The weather is gorgeous, I've had some good times with friends, took a day off with Jim to putter around and run errands. Had a lemon poppyseed cheesecakes made by Jim's hands, backbrain is still saying *warning: incoming doom*. Therre's no real reason. Sure, I'm busy, but when not? I don't understand why I'm in this mode. Just am.



For quick notes on my listening, reading, and writing, see Les Semaines.

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