Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines January 10, 2010: Starting Out

If I had superstitions about the year continuing as it started out, I would be sad now. We had a very quiet New Year's Eve, followed by a lovely dinner with Devin and Tamar, two of my favourite people on the planet, so that was good. But my back has been painful since last week when we went to a movie and the theatre had those seats that lean back. My back likes to sit up straight. I should have used my backpack or packed my coat behind me more effectively because the next day at work when I was bending down to staple pages I'd just picked up from the printer I felt my back go out. It went into spasm and has been annoying ever since.

I gently did exercises and moved often, but still...this was the worst it has been in years and years. It's almost better at last--nearly two weeks later.

I would say getting older sucks, but my back first went bad when I was 21 and tried to lift a table saw at work when I couldn't get anyone to help me and the customer who bought it was getting impatient. It's never been quite that bad since, and I'm SO grateful.

This has also been a complicated time for family and friends' physical and emotional health, and I have to say I hope the year doesn't hold too much more of this. I'm full up. It feels like ten months rather than ten days in. Am I allowed to be tired of 2010 already?

I hope things calm down and that my stressed reaction to them does, too. It's wearing me out, and the year is still an infant. Maybe that's it--infants are exhausting, right? And they can still grow up to be entertaining and fun and bring good things into people's lives? Right?

2010, grow up already.


For my recent listening, a long catch-up reading list, and writing news, see Les Semaines.


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