Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines entry for November 11th 2007

Adventure the First: They'd already started boarding the plane. Apparently, it was extremely cold, so they cranked up the heat—and the windshield cracked. Do I have to say how alarming this is? In the air it's extremely cold and the inside a plane is generally warm. A cracked windshield? I can't help feeling that this shouldn't happen so easily. Well, they eventually got us another plane.

Adventure the Second: Missed our connection, of course. Only one other flight. Five hours in the Newark airport.

Adventure the Third: Missed any possible ride from the airport to Saratoga Springs. Found friends, shared a cab.

It all worked out.

The World Fantasy Convention Adventure: The convention itself now is a kind of a blur of meeting friends and grabbing quick meals, going to reading and parties and the occasional panel and So Much Talking. Wow. I'd list all the people I saw and met, but at this point I know I'd forget too many people. There were so many people I wish I'd had better, longer conversations and encounters with, but that is the nature of conventions. I did get to sit in when Leslie was interviewing John Crowley, which was fun. I also got waved into an invitation-only party but had to meet up with someone so didn't get to stay and feel Special.

The Viral Adventure: Then I came back home haunted by a weird, low-level but horribly fatiguing virus that made me miss a day and a half of work and pretty much wiped out the long weekend, including all my plans for Accomplishing Something. Damn.

See Les Semaines for my reading and writing adventures.

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