Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Les Semaines February 28, 2010: The Record-Keeper Keeps a Record

So what have I been doing that I've been silent so long? Good question. I have to admit, I've been wondering that myself.

Well for one it's application season again, both in my day job and for Clarion West. So there has been all of the usual work for that: paperwork and meetings and checking things off and tracking with evaluators. Lots of record-keeping. I feel like a record-keeping demon.

The Clarion West deadline is tomorrow night (March 1) at midnight, so applications are coming in thick and fast. I've been kind of obsessed with watching my email the last couple of days, especially, because I Do Not Want To Get Behind with them, because thereby lies grief.

What else? I visited my parents in Victoria and my sister came from Alberta, and the four of us were together alone for the first time since she got married for the first time in 1974. After that there was always someone, a spouse, a child. It was actually very cool and enjoyable, even if we did have to get some serious things done while we were there. I am one of the lucky few who likes my family. Yes, I know I'm blessed.

I appreciate this blessing more and more as I and my parents get older.

I've been making more effort to connect with friends we haven't seen for a while. I miss them. I know it's important that we get work done, but it's also important to hang out with fun people.

We also have been helping Devin move, from a small, north-facing ground-level cave to a top-story, large and bright apartment. I am jealous of her nearly 180-degree view. She can see Mount Rainier and a bit of the Space Needle! Sunsets and mountains! Well, sunrises, too, but I don't think she's seen too many of those.

I've been thinking about writing an entry here. Each Sunday I think of it. Then I haven't been doing it. Tonight, I did. I have several things in mind that I want to write about, so I hope I don't get distracted again.

For my listening, reading (lots of reading), and writing updates, see Les Semaines.

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