Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Three things for yesterday and one for today


1. First Atia knocks over Jim's breakfast coffee. I wake from my 6:00 am couch doze to the swear words. No, I don't learn any new ones, which is somewhat disappointing.

2. Then get to work to discover my backpack dripping with tea. The thermos hadn't been closed properly. Luckily, no electronics are harmed in the course of these events and there are few other casualties.

3. Our neighbour is suddenly painting her house and we discover the hard way that branches from a little tree we put in between our houses were in her way. Suddenly there is a pile of branches on the ground and the tree requires immediate damage control.


I have done so much email, paper-organizing and paper-clipping in the last few days that my arms hurt. They want not to move. However, moving they must do.

Today is my last day at the UW until September. Yes, that means that this afternoon is move-in for the Clarion West Writers Workshop! It can't possibly be mid-June already. Even the weather says it's still February.
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