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21 June 2010 @ 05:13 pm
Clarion West 2010: The Workshop and the Write-a-thon Begin  
Last night was the first night of the workshop, and the class was all there and so ready to begin. There's all this work, this anticipation, then...let's get started already. Then it pours down.

Michael Bishop had a lot of things to say to the class. Some of it immediately absorb-able and some requiring pondering, all of it interesting, useful, and worth thinking about. In addition to using short stories, he has been using (mostly narrative but not all) poetry to teach about fiction. Beautiful to watch for a poetry-lover like me. I have been fascinated by the process.

He left the class with an exercise that they needed to turn in this morning. The stories that came out of the exercise were remarkable; half of them they discussed this morning in class. I feel privileged to be a spy at the back of the room during the workshop.

In support of the workshop, Clarion West is again running its Write-a-thon. I am again participating. My page is here. I would be delighted if you want to cheer me on and/or if you want to sponsor me to keep me working. I would be just as please if you choose to sponsor someone else, though. It's only $6 to sponsor someone a dollar a week for the six weeks of the workshop. Every little bit helps keep the workshop happening every year.

Clarion San Diego is also running a Write-a-thon in support of their workshop, starting this upcoming weekend.