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27 July 2010 @ 11:08 pm
Fifth Week of the Clarion West Write-a-thon  
So, Week 5. So if week 4 was exhaustion, this week was kind of about faking it, or slipping through, or coping with not quite enough gumption maybe? Because remember when I said I sent four manuscript queries last week? Well, I'm stealing two of those to count for this week because I didn't manage to send anything out this week. I blame my broken printer but that doesn't really account for me not then finding a way to send something out by email. I hope you're feeling forgiving.

But to make up for it, this week I wrote TWO small poems. And they're both new. They're acrostics, a form I never played with before.


The first one spells out "Ravenage", an archaic form for, well, pillage, basically. Here are the first nearly four lines:


Raven: bird of paradox, the transformer, transplanting
Antagonist of his own fictions, unpredictable as seasons
Venal, voracious, vandalous creator, mischievous glutton of
Everything lustrous, everything slick with life's fat.


This one spells out "The Empty City", which is the working title of the novel I plan to start revising in August:

The awakening. Face in rubble and rough weeds. Alone.
Her lover gone as though he had never been. Her anger as
Empty walls crumble around her like a whitewashed face.


As always sponsors and cheerleaders get to see the full poems. So lucky they are!
E.C. Myersecmyers on July 28th, 2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
Uh oh, I'm a bit behind on your novel. When are you going to start revising, exactly?
marzipan pigmarzipan_pig on July 28th, 2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
I like 'slick with life's fat' as a description!