Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Backdated Entry: Written? Kitten!

I don't do NaNoWriMo, but I did test Written? Kitten! because who does not want a kitten as a reward for writing?

This is my true account of what happened as I wrote.

I just want a kitten! Bring me a kitten! Kitten kitten kitten. I could
paste in some written words here, but that would be cheating. However,
this way the typos are a huge hazard. I wonder what my kitten will look
like? It had better be cute. I would like one like my real kittens. That
would be funny. I like coincidences like that. However, I have only ever
seen one picture like one of my kittens. I have unique-looking kittens.
Sort of. As unique as kittens get, I guess. Okay, 91 words. I'm starting
the countdown. Almost Kitten Time!

Oh, they gave me a Himalayan, I think. Or maybe it's Siamese. The colour
is odd so it's hard to tell. It has blue eyes and a pink collar, at least.
That's clear. My previous writing sample already had too many howevers.
Meanwhile, I'm carrying on with silly words in order to earn another
kitten. This probably isn't good. I should have let it go at one kitten,
but always, always, two kittens are better than one. I hope I don't get
interrupted in my drive for kittens, like by maybe some work I have to do.
That would bad.

Oh, a tuxedo kitten hiding its face with a rejected stamp on it. Written
Kitten, this cannot be good. Just two hundred words and already rejected.
The shame of it all! I shall have to hide my own face. I type words and
get a rejected cat. This is very sad, and a sad commentary about my
writing. I'm slowing down as I type this, worrying that I won't get a
third kitten, or I will get another piece of bad news like kitten number
two. Rejection is everywhere when you're a writer! This is proof! Who knew
that Written ...

Shit! Now I get a fluffy gray tabby that may be in water with evil yellow
shining from his eyes and it looks like it might bite or commit some other
evil. Written Kitten you are not as advertised. Written Kitten you said
"cute". Rejection isn't cute, and this snarly cat is NOT CUTE. I feel
daunted, I have to say but I'm over the halfway point to another kitten
and this is the kitten of truth, this is the final kitten and damn it, it
had better be cute I'm telling you. Give me my cute kitten. Now!

Oh, definitely cute. Himalayan again. Very cute. What a relief. Now I
stop. 413 words.

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