Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Neile's only a little late Week 3 Clarion West Write-a-thon Report

This went out today to those who either emotionally or financially sponsor my Clarion West write-a-thon commitment. If you want to see the full poem, please send me a message here or through facebook or my email to let me know you want to support me, or you can sponsor my efforts financially through my write-a-thon page by donating to Clarion West there.


Hey, all--

Thank you again for your support here at the time-delayed version of the Clarion West Write-a-thon.

Obviously, I'm still in catch-up mode, but the good news is that my hard-drive replacement/restoration was clean, and I didn't lose anything except time. Yay, Time Machine!

Joe Hill was a delight. He's full of energy and an excellent teacher and sharp critiquer with lots of smart things to say about writing. It made for another powerful week at the workshop.

Hard to believe that with his departure, the workshop is half over already!

This week I didn't meet my fiction goal in the usual way--having my main machine with my current project out of commission for most of the week meant that I didn't have access to my current project. However, I read through parts and thought about parts, put some bits and tricks together, and had a revelation about The Road Between's resolution, which is worth more than gold to me.

This week's poem is from feeling a little at sea. And it's for Karen, because she understands and is always buoying me up.

Thank you again for supporting my writing and supporting the Clarion West Writing Workshop, without which I might be able to produce timely reports on time, but not the actual writing.




The Sea Roads

Here in my coat of skin I look down into the water, watch one sky leave
taking with it the rain. Another sky

follows close behind, deep in that clouded water where I am a shade
embodied, flesh-garbed and sailing

the sea-rumpled sky...


If you want to see the rest of the poem, please let me know by email, messaging, or Write-a-thon sponsorship (see link at the top of this message).
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