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02 December 2007 @ 10:24 pm
From Les Semaines December 2, 2007  
December Brings Heavy Weather

Yesterday, on the first day of December, this happened:

SnowThe first snow of the year started falling.


Atia's first snowAtia had to try to figure out what was going on. Perplexing, this white stuff. Am I supposed to chase it? She tried, a little. (Sophia and Titus slept through it.)

We got about three inches (I'd stopped taking pictures, sorry) and it stuck around for a few hours then gradually went away.

Today, on the second, it rained it all away. Then rained, rained, and rained. It must think it's winter around here or something because the day hardly bothered to get light at all. Jim complained about that, but I didn't care. I was deep in sloth. I have some kind of cold, or maybe it's an infection because my left eye is swollen, and my nose and throat hurt, or maybe it's just winter, but I hardly got off the loveseat today, despite a long list of things I had planned to accomplish. I didn't get much more than that done yesterday, either. I'd felt fine earlier in the week. Crazy annoying!

The only thing I accomplished this weekend was a lot of online shopping for books, music, DVDs at usually suspected places, and too much stuff at Etsy (what a treasure trove!) and of course Giant Microbes and Uncommon Goods. The good news is that my holiday shopping is nearly done. Especially if everything arrives on time. I am delighted.

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