Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

Am I Prepared for Autumn?

How I responded when that question was asked of me in email today. A friend said she had done so by hennaing her hair.

I am so unprepared for autumn. It's like I've forgotten how to work.
I'm trying very, very hard to remember that if you just keep on going
eventually things will be DONE. There's something in me this year that
wants desperately to say FUCKIT and curl up on the loveseat. Not that
that feeling isn't always there, but it's worse this year somehow. Maybe
because the fall is building up with lots of events and annoying

How to prepare. Maybe I should dye my hair electric blue. I've thought
of it before. I wonder what henna would do on my hair? I'd love to get a
henna design on my hand again.
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