Neile Graham (neile) wrote,
Neile Graham

10 Favourites and 10 Statements

From joannemerriam

1. Favourite book:

Keri Hulme's The Bone People is an all-time favourite. My favourite recent book is probably Geoff Ryman's Air. Favourite not necessarily adult books: anything by either Diana Wynne Jones (I'm currently reading her latest, The House of Many Ways) and Robin McKinley (I loved Dragonhaven).

2. Favourite movie:

King of Hearts is an all-time favourite. My favourite recent movie is Once.

3. Favourite TV show:

Right now, Battlestar Galactica; Doctor Who is an all-time favourite.

4. Favourite band

Veda Hille, Veda Hille, Veda Hille

5. Favourite season:

Spring (sun and wind and rain and stuff blooming all at once!)

6. Favourite animal:


7. Favourite cartoon character:

The gnomes in a weird European cartoon I saw once when I was about 8 and never saw again.

8. Favourite superhero:

Period Queen, a hand-drawn comic a friend gave me and I haven't a clue where it came from. Period Queen eats potato chips by the handful and rides a flying tampon, and you'd damn well better not get in her way!

9. Favourite color:

Teal. Yes, I know it's now out of fashion. I love greens and blues, and so mixing them, well, I love it.

10. Favourite food:

All-time: Any of the chocolate cakes from Simply Desserts in the Fremont area of Seattle. Right now: cherries.

1. I drive:

Depending on the day, I drive a 1990 Honda Civic Wagon or a 2003 Mazda Protege 5.

2. I'd rather drive:

A Bugatti Royale

3. Five guests at my fantasy dinner:

Chaucer, Shakespeare, Sappho, Angela Carter, and Veda Hille.

4. Behind my back, people say I'm:


5. I'm happiest when:

I'm writing.

6. My best asset:

Physical: my hair. Non-physical: I sometimes have good ideas out of nowhere--one of my professors said I was like a salmon suddenly leaping out of the water.

7. My ideal vacation:

The west coast of either Scotland or the Pacific Northwest

8. Phobias:

Spiders, gorillas, clowns, and claustro-.

9. I regret:

Not getting more work done years ago.

10. Nobody knows I:

Am a pantheist.
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